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my shadow used to have a density

at a time when keeping distance is the new norm and we long for human contact, francesca lazzeri creates an intimate encounter. a short rendezvous between isolated individuals. separated by a screen and connected by it at the same time. how does this affect their way of communicating? do they dare to expose themselves?

the performative installation my shadow used to have a density responds to the here and now. inspired by japanese photographer hal, francesca lazzeri investigates how meeting an unknown individual can provoke the feeling of proximity and loneliness at the same time. the vulnerabilities of an exhibited individual emerge through image, light and sound.

each encounter lasts approximately 20 minutes, with only one spectator in the room per session. the installation is completely corona-proof.

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For twenty minutes and long after, you become aware of the vulnerability of living creatures in a world furnished with concrete and glass and under surveillance of electronic eyes. And you become aware of your responsibility as a visitor. Or as a fellow human being.
– wendy lubberding, movement exposed
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Deze installatie is ook een mooie metafoor voor hoe in kunstmatige, platgeslagen situaties er nog steeds van alles mogelijk is, en hoe met een zekere openheid of zoiets als een kort gesprek barrières misschien ook overwonnen kunnen worden. Dat aanraking op verschillende manieren gebeurt.
– fransien van der putt, theaterkrant
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Wanneer hij vraagt hem aan te raken, blijkt plots toch een verrassende vorm van intimiteit mogelijk, door alle kunststof heen.
★★★★ – annette embrechts, volkskrant
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my shadow used to have a density is a coproduction of theaterfestival boulevard, schweigman& and wild vlees with the support of plan talentontwikkeling brabant, fonds podiumkunsten, in collaboration with spring festival, festival cement, workspace brussels and kunstencentrum de vooruit.


tour dates

25, 26, 27 june 2020 | try-outs | veem house for performance (amsterdam, nl) | tickets

6 – 16 august 2020 | premiere | theaterfestival boulevard (den bosch, nl) | tickets

6 – 9 november 2020 | spring in autumn (utrecht, nl) | CANCELLED

13 – 15 november 2020 | jonge harten theaterfestival (groningen, nl) | CANCELLED



francesca lazzeri (concept/idea), charlotte gillain (performer), anna bentivegna (performer), gerben vaillant (performer), rob smorenberg (performer), dennis tiecken (performer), esther snelder (performer), job rietvelt (creative producer), vera andeweg (production), femke de graaf (communication & pr), elowise vandenbroecke (dramaturgy), loes van der pligt (artistic advice), neal groot (technical design), luke deane (sound design), krzysztof burdzy (technician), wikke andeweg (technician), aleksej ovsiannikov (photo)


francesca lazzeri (1991) graduated from the amsterdam university of the arts (mime) in 2016. between 2015 and 2019 she made performances within the performance collective wild vlees. as a theater maker she currently creates work under her own name, but collaborates collectively with a group of creatives. lazzeri stands out for her uncompromising, outspoken and direct signature. her work is very visual, often physically demanding and appeal to the visitors in their intimate and personal space. her work questions and problematizes aspects of our society.


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